What is the #metoo campaign?

The #metoo campaign has been in the wind lately and caught attention to the world. It all started when the big movie mogul Harvey Weinstein were accused of sexual harassment. Hundreds of women came together to support each other in breaking their silence about sexual harassment and assault they have experienced.

The campaign has created a wave of awareness between women and how we together can take down powerful men. Since the hashtag metoo went viral, over 1,7 million women and men have used the hashtag. The hashtag is supposed to show awareness, and hope it will create a social change and reduce sexual assault of women and men.

#metoo has become a movement and we can only hope that the viral hashtag has made it easier for women. I think this is something women and men needed right now, because sexual assault and harassment is not needed in the generation we live in to this date.







Gran Torino

Question 4 – What experiences does Walt have with living in a multicultural neighbourhood? Use examples from the film and discuss to what extent Walt develops/changes through the movie.

In Englishclass we just watched the movie called, Gran Torino. The movie takes place in Torino where an old man named Walt live alone because his wife just passed away. Walt’s neighbours are coming from a different country where they refer themselves as Hmong. Walt express his doubt to the neighbours by not speaking to them, and behaving like an angry old man. This act is processing trough the movie as Walt is slowly getting to know the Hmong. He starts to show his feelings by talking more and helping the neighbours. As a viewer of the movie you can easily tell that Walt becomes more friendly, emotional and caring towards other people and the Hmong.


Question 5 – Do you agree with this summary of the film? Why/why not? Use examples from the film in your answer.

I can agree with the summary written down because the neighbours and Walt don´t seem to get along in the beginning, but at the end they have a strong connection. In the movie we can tell that Walt dosen´t have a great relationship with his own family, witch lead him to being lonely. On the other hand he really like to spend time with his neighbours. This means that you don´t have to be related or have much in common to create e good friendship. If we take examples from the movie it is one scene where Walt is invited in the Hmong house for a dinnerparty. This is the beginning of the movie, and already at this time Walt and the Hmong are starting to get along with each other.


The movie is a great example on how different cultures in a multicultural society can be friends. We live in a new century where you may have to get along with other cultures, even if we would like it or not.

Girl Rising – nine breathtaking stories

Imagine not being able to speak for yourself, stand up for what you really mean or never learn to read or write. This is an ordinary day of nine girls in the breathtaking movie called Girl Rising.

Girl Rising follows nine girls from India, Egypt, Afghanistan, Nepal, Haiti, Sierra Leone, Cambodia and Peru on their journey to an education. The movie also shows how women are treated in the different countries. Each girl had her story written by a writer and voiced by famous actors, for example, Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep and Alicia Keys is just some of the voices. One of the stories is about a girl named Amina, she came from Afghanistan and startet working before she even could walk. The story also shows the viewers how child marriage can ruin someones lives. Amina’s story was the most powerful and heartbreaking story in my opinion. The movie is also linked to an organisation which is also called Girl Rising. The organisation is working to improve the lives of girls all around the world who are victims of forced marriage.

Whilst watching the movie I could not help noticing the fact how good all of the nine stories were told. The visuals, narration and the music in the background complete the movie. All of the stories are different but have the same meaning and message. A message about giving women and girls a voice, the voice that women deserve and should have had a long time ago.

See the movie and I promise you, you will not regret it. All of the nine stories are so powerful, and the movie will show you facts about how important it is for girls to be educated. It is not just a benefit for the girls themselves, but also a benefit for the world.

Go visit the homesite of Girl Rising organisation and consider joining the organisation, it is important to engage in a cause like this.









When the storm takes over

As some people might have heard, there is a terrifying hurricane called Harvey going on i Houston Texas. Days before the storm got to Houston people were told to evacuate and find alternative homes. Few days later, the storm has made the streets and houses filled with water. People are swimming in the streets to find their belongings and to find loved ones. This will not be the first, nor last time we´ll see this.

Natural disasters will come more often than we are prepared for, and they may be more stronger than ever. The weather will be warmer, as well as the sea. The daily surface temperature of the Gulf of Mexico never dropped lower than 73 degrees last winter, that has never happened before. Warmer weather causes more rain, so according to studies, Harvey was most likely caused by the climate change. Climate change is on its way to become the most dangerous thing for a land to experience.

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Picture: http://time.com/4916543/hurricane-harvey-path-map-track-texas/